Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub (KSIH)

Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub is a building facility intended to test and support the growth of livelihood opportunities in digital and online technology by providing training, infrastructure, and mentoring to Niger Delta youths.

Since its inception, the KSIH has initiated and hosted over a hundred workshops on subjects ranging from green technology, enviromental sustainability, coding or websites, etc. Some workshop participants have returned to KSIH to volunteer their time and pass on the skills they've acquired to new attendees.

The KSIH serves as a bridge for central to local instrumentalists and artists, peer-led tech groups to meet up to share and develop their skills with one another.


& Mission

KSIH is supporting a thriving tech community in port-Harcourt by providing the Niger Delta youths a facility with:
Internet Connectivity
Constant Electricity supply
Modern Workstations.
These facilities are intended to allow the youths express themselves freely. The KSIH has also actively sought to ensure women participation in the technology hub, overcoming additional barriers women face due to gender stereotypes and patriarchal norms that exclude from seeking their own livelihood in the digital Industry.

Become A Part of KSIH

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