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All of our projects and award winners will be encouraged to pilot and grow sustainable businesses. In the first year this will involve rolling out solar solutions for households and villages as well as being a key partner in larger renewable opportunities in the region and Africa as a whole.

  • 19
  • Dec

Youth Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

  • 10.00am
  • 24 Aggrey Road Port Harcourt.

Ideation | (Business idea generation)

From Idea to startup
Entrepreneurship skill development from Idea stage to creating a viable startup.

  • 23
  • Jan

CV Building Workshop

  • 10.00am
  • 24 Aggrey Road Port Harcourt

How to scale an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software)

Recruiters these days do not have the time to sift through loads of CV’s for every position advertised. They utilize various Applicant Tracking Software to get the qualified candidates. Mastering this could get you a foot in the front door.

  • 13
  • Feb

Brand Building Workshop

  • 10.00am
  • 24 Aggrey Road Port Harcourt

Brand & Product Management

Building a professional brand for your startup sets it apart and infuses that midas touch to your business. Like they say, there are no big companies, there are only better branded companies.

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KSWF will act as an information hub on the global trends of sola and renewable power. These global trends will be analysed and reviewed alongside tracking and data gathering of the growing renewables market in Nigeria.

Partnership with SDN

KSWF has partnered with SDN to review and analyse the energy needs and current costs of urban and rural households in the Niger Delta . This data and other supporting information will be used to focus innovation and pilot projects in the region. The HUB is looking for regional and international research partnerships to further this pillar.