Our History

About the Foundation

The Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation was founded in 2009 and its mission is to foster environmental sustainability by supporting a climate in which the management of natural resources, technological advancements, investment decisions and socio-economic development all work in harmony, fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the people of the Niger-Delta and its environs.

Our Aim

The Foundation programmes will emphasize empowering women through education, reproductive health rights, increased participation in peace building and political representation at all levels of decision making.

Through the Ken Saro-Wiwa technological Hub, the foundations aims to collaborate witht the Nigerian federal and state governments, international NGOs, diplomats and the people of Niger Delta in conducting research and technology that will end environmental degradation and poverty in the Niger Delta, while promoting peace and prosperity. Also the Foundation's human rights projects will work aggressively for the abolition of the death penalty in Nigeria and the wider continent of Africa.

Innovation Hub

The Legacy Lives on!

The Foundation established the Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub (KSIH), in patnership with Stakeholder for Democracy Hub (SDN). The Hub specializes in providing resources for creativity and entrepreneurs in the Niger Delta. The vision of the Innovation Hub is to champion and contribute to the development of a sustainable tech ecosystem in the region and beyond.
With this vision in mind, the hub serves as a center where developers, designers, entrepreneurs, change agents and trainees come together to acquire, apply, network and build innovative solutions to inherent challenges in the region. The Hub provides each training and meet-ups and its incubation programme supports a handful of exiting start-ups , including Throway, a professional waste pick-up service provider that enables convenient waste disposal for the residents of Port Harcourt.

Arts & Culture Gallery

By: Zina Saro-Wiwa

Zina Saro-Wiwa, the daughter of late Ken Saro-Wiwa has established an Arts & Culture gallery at the foundation with paintings from the best artist in the region and beyond. It is often said that the art thrives in the abstract however, this gallery portrays the African experience and reality so vividly and tangibly that one can almost touch the experience and message conveyed in the photographs.

It not only preserves and projects the African perspective, it also rallies towards genuine freedom, a freedom for which many Africans have fought for and paid the ultimate price- none more so that the icon to whom the space is dedicated.

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By donating you are creating safe spaces to house, enable, facilitate, encourage and incubate the next generation of digital entrepreneurs, digital activists and social innovators in the Niger Delta.