The Writer cannot be a mere storyteller; he cannot be a mere teacher; he cannot merely x-ray society weaknesses, its ills, its perils. he or she must be actively involved in shaping its present and its future.


Our Aim

Women Empowerment & Peace Promotion

The Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation programs will emphasize on Empowering women through education. reproductive health rights, Increased participation in peace building and political representation at all levels of decision making

Ending Environmental degradation & Poverty in the Niger-Delta

Through the Ken Saro-Wiwa Technology Hub, the foundation aims to collaborate with the Nigerian federal and state Governments, International NGOs, Diplomats and the people of the Niger Delta in conducting research and technology that will end environmental degradation and poverty in the Niger-delta, while promoting peace & Prosperity.

Abolition of the Death penalty

The Foundation's Human rights projects will work aggressively for the abolition of the death penalty in Nigeria and the wider continent of Africa

Who We Are

The Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation was founded in 2009 and its mission is to foster environmental sustainability by supporting a climate in which the management of natural resources, technological advancements, investment decisions and socio-economic development all work in harmony, fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the people of the Niger-Delta and its environs.

Our Programs

Opening of the

Ken Saro-wiwa Park

An afternoon of Activism, Literature and Environment.

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